The average cost of building an cost of kitchen extension

However, if the single storey extension is a large build, it could cost more. A kitchen extension can not only add considerable value to a property but it can create an amazing open-plan space for the whole family to enjoy. It is increasingly popular to install 3 metre (10 foot) and over sliding-folding doors within a wall of an extension as part of the design to bring the outside, inside. The average cost of building an cost of kitchen extension https://sigmaconstruction.uk/kitchen-extension.html in the UK is £27,000 for a single-storey rear extension measuring 20 square metres in ground floor area. A rear extension may cost around £40,000 in London. Generally, the larger your extension, the less it will cost per square metre due to economies of scale coming into force on greater building projects. In the initial consultation we can advise you on which type of extension would be most suitable for your desired outcome, budget and property type. On average, side return extensions can cost anywhere from £35K upwards. The cost of all your furniture and fixtures is entirely ruled by your budget. A side return extension may cost around £35,000 in London. A double storey extension may cost approximately £75,000 in London. A side return extension stretches your home into an alleyway at the side of the house. A kitchen extension costs similarly, or the same as a rear extension starting at £40,000 in London. A double storey extension may cost approximately between £35,000 to £55,000 in London. Some clients also choose to complete a loft conversion at the same time as an extension to really maximise space. However, depending on the size of the rear kitchen extension it will cost more. Simply Extend also offer the option of double storey extension to provide you with an even larger kitchen and extra room on the first floor. Our team is able to undertake every stage of a kitchen extension project from concept through to completion. Whilst many house extensions are built mainly to provide additional space to a home, many clients realise that it is a good idea to update their kitchen at the same time. Naturally, multi-floor home extensions in London cost more than other varieties, since building work has to be completed on two levels and there is double the space to work. If you have the budget and space, you may decide to opt for a rear kitchen extension combined with a side return extension. These projects allow extra light into the property and can also make room for a “wow” kitchen diner. Every home extension we complete is tailor made to that customer’s specific needs, so understandably cost of building an extension price can vary quite.